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Getting to know you


Getting to know youJeff Rosebeary

So here it is, our new website, and a brave attempt at blogging. Thank you for being here, and reading this far!!!

We are really excited about the new site and hope you enjoy the mixture of some of our older work mixed with some of the new. The plan is to cycle new pictures through the gallery pretty frequently, so come back often, and see what is new.

After this first introductory post, I am going to start sharing some of the great things that we are a part of, will be a part of, or featuring some of the great people or places we have had the pleasure to encounter as we go about the business of caking across Oklahoma. Janet and the girls will be maintaining our Facebook. Pinterest, and Instagram pages, so for a different perspective, please check those out as well.

I am looking forward to sharing all about the great show that we had the pleasure to attend at Chisolm Springs in Edmond in my next post. - Take care, Jeff